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Physicochemical stages of evolution: the ring structures in the universe

Titius-Bode law and rings

This research is devoted to the formation of rings during the origin and evolution of planetary and satellite systems in the universe. The appearance of these structures is associated with the phenomenon of spatially-periodic condensation, which is observed in terrestrial conditions. The author, in fact, postulated the existence of exoplanet systems and the manifestation of […]

Thermodynamics – the driving force behind the origin of life

The driving force behind the origin of life

Thermodynamics allows the formation of abiotic (prebiotical) molecules directly into the depths of earth and during underwater and terrestrial eruptions. The formation of HCN and other abiogenous molecules observed in electrical discharges, especially during the eruption of volcanoes. It was found that the synthesis of adenine and many other primary prebiotic molecules on a young and modern earth is beneficial from the standpoint of thermodynamics. As a result of actions of the structural stabilization and the principle of substance stability the purine and pyrimidine nucleobases can exist during relatively long time and be involved to the metabolism of living organisms. Some complex supramolecular structures – harbingers of life appear and in our time. However, these structures can be eaten by modern organisms, which prevent the formation of new forms of life.

Popularly about the life and the cycle of exchange of substance and energy

Principle of substance stability

Thermodynamically stable molecules with strong chemical bonds absorb energy from the sun (or other energy sources). These simple molecules (N2, CO2, H2O, etc.) share out their excess free energy with other molecules and redistribute this energy between them. Usually these simple molecules are combined to form a more complex substance. This association leads to a […]

Life as a self-defending process

Abiotic development and primary life evolved on the young Earth (or on the celestial bodies). These processes are still produced today. However, the existing life protects itself and prevents the development of own primary forms. This is the self-defending property of life. Origin, development and the preservation of life is controlled by the hierarchical thermodynamics of complex systems.

A model of life: the metabolism in abiogenic structures

The metabolism of hydrogen peroxide

We can find many examples of metabolic processes in heterogeneous spatially isolated molecular structures existing on the primary Earth and in the modern conditions. These processes are the prototype of metabolism in living organisms. Apparently, a simple compelling example is the exchange of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in the particles of minerals, for example in particles […]

On the principle of substance stability

The principle of substance stability for abiogenesis and origin of life can be understood from the view-point of thermodynamics of formation of crystal molecular structures and structures of liquid crystals.

Thermodynamics of origin of life

Hierarchical thermodynamics

The origin of life can be understood on the foundations of hierarchical thermodynamics without representations about dissipative structures and any fantastic ideas. Hierarchical thermodynamics was created on the foundation of the theory of Gibbs – the most rigorous physical theory.

Hierarchical thermodynamics solves the puzzle of life

The role of catalysis

The principle of substance stability is the driving force of the origin of life and its evolution. This principle acts at all hierarchical levels of chemical and biological systems. Principle causes the appearance and transformation cycles of energy and matter at all levels of hierarchical thermodynamic complex systems.

Термодинамика и возникновения жизни

Принцип стабильности вещества и возникновение жизни

Переход между неживой и живой материей является плавным. Он предопределен действием термодинамического принципа стабильности вещества, описывающего прямые и обратные связи при передаче термодинамической информации между временными (temporal) и структурными иерархиями в ходе химической, «промежуточной» и биологической эволюции.

  1. Physicochemical stages of evolution: the ring structures in the universe
  2. Thermodynamics – the driving force behind the origin of life
  3. Popularly about the life and the cycle of exchange of substance and energy
  4. Life as a self-defending process
  5. A model of life: the metabolism in abiogenic structures
  6. On the principle of substance stability
  7. Thermodynamics of origin of life
  8. Hierarchical thermodynamics solves the puzzle of life
  9. Термодинамика и возникновения жизни
  10. Иерархическая термодинамика и дизайн природы
  11. Математическая физика и эволюция живой материи
  12. Love – the state of living organisms
  13. Thermodynamics optimizes the physiology of life
  14. Достижения наук о жизни с позиции термодинамики
  15. Супрамолекулярная термодинамика
  16. Супрамолекулярные связи в живом мире
  17. Science, evolution and reality
  18. Принцип стабильности вещества и живые системы
  19. Живые системы
  20. Планетные системы и закон Тициуса-Боде
  21. Planets and the law of Titius – Bode
  22. Душа и сознание
  23. Life does not require the hypothesis about God
  24. Джабоев Серго Хаджиевич
  25. Thermodynamic theory of evolution of universe
  26. Экологическая термодинамика
  27. Многообразие живых объектов и термодинамика
  28. Жизнь как явление
  29. Феномен Али Газаева
  30. Термодинамика открытых систем
  31. Natural Hierarchic Processes
  32. Asymmetry in Bioworld
  33. Open and closed systems
  34. Модели живой системы
  35. Living systems are quasi-equilibrium structures
  36. Thermodynamics optimizes life
  37. Life and mathematician
  38. Тропизм
  39. Живые системы и мерцающие кластеры
  40. New Views – New problems of science
  41. История создания иерархической термодинамики
  42. Искусство управления обществом
  43. Термодинамика возникновения жизни
  44. Hierarchical thermodynamics and Homeokinetics
  45. On the Principle of Substance Stability
  46. Ilya Prigogine and Georgi Gladyshev
  47. Our world and methods of classical thermodynamics
  48. Термодинамические силы формируют организмы
  49. О законах нашего существования
  50. Temporal hierarchies
  51. В мире все подвластно термодинамике

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